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InTech Aerospace Promotes Devan Haub to Chief Financial Officer

March 25, 2022

Based in Houston TX, InTech Aerospace has positioned themselves for immense growth as an overhaul, repair, and retrofit specialist. Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed an avenue of growth for InTech and as a part of their strategic development plan. Devan Haub has recently been promoted to Chief Executive Officer, leading the company into a season of expansion. 
Scott Mowery, president of InTech, says this about Devan and her new position: *"All of us in the stakeholders group support and endorse this important and well-qualified promotion.  Devan Haub has made excellent contributions to help InTech Aerospace move forward."*
Known as the "interior experts”, InTech Aerospace has teams of highly experienced craftspeople and FAA-licensed aircraft technicians that repair and overhaul virtually everything inside the cabin of an aircraft including seats, galleys, lavatories, floor panels, sidewalls, overheads, and everything in between. 
Devan is a great fit for InTech’s progress as she has 10 years of progressive accounting and finance experience, including experience in Private Equity-controlled enterprises in Texas. Haub managed a small team in the entire range of corporate finance tasks there, from taxes to investor relations, and all the sundry accounting loads. She holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Accounting degree from the University of Texas (2012), plus various continuing educational credits in finance.
’InTech finds itself in a market period of unprecedented challenges in commercial aerospace. As the COVID pandemic hit regular commercial passenger aviation particularly hard, InTech is now emerging from that industry-wide slump with new programs and a broader range of technical capacities. The fleets of large and regional aircraft operated by the airlines are expected to double in the next 20 years (forecasts by Boeing, Airbus, and FAA), and interiors tend to wear out with heavy use, requiring periodic overhaul and upgrade. That aftermarket cycle of recurring repairs is where InTech Aerospace predicts its steadiest growth in the next 5 to 10 years.’
-PR News Wire
With the addition of Ms. Haub, InTech is gearing up for the anticipated growth in the coming years, by developing a strong leadership team and continued top-level service. Congratulations, Ms. Haub!