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Steve Townes Awarded "Order of the Palmetto"

October 08, 2022

Published by: West Point Grad News
Steve Townes '75, CEO & founder of Ranger Aerospace and President & CEO of ACL Airshop, has been granted the “Order of the Palmetto” Award by the Governor of South Carolina. This award is the highest civilian honor granted by the State. It was presented by the Governor’s representative, State Rep. B. Cox, on Sept. 23, during the 25th anniversary celebration reception of Ranger Aerospace. Townes has been instrumental in advocating for “Aviation High Schools” in the state, in order to grow more aerospace/aviation jobs in that burgeoning statewide sector.  Upon receiving the Award, Townes said: “I am honored and humbled to accept this – it’s truly on behalf of all of our dedicated employees. People are the priceless soul of any successful enterprise, and we are proving that every day.
Townes is the “mule donor in perpetuity” for West Point, providing Army Mules whenever the Academy retires one of its mascots. His only stipulation with that unique charitable gift is that one of the Army Mules would forever be named “Ranger” in honor of all Army Rangers throughout history.
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